Welcome to Yo Mamma's – our beloved cheeky little department store where laughter abounds and the senses are dazzled! We are located in downtown Belfast on upper Main Street. Open 7 days a week and all year long!

The store began in 2005 with two creative and resourceful women (Mallery Dalto and Sandhya Maltby) and their vision for a zany, exciting, stylish and warm-hearted emporium of fun. Their goal was to welcome and honor our vibrant community and to extend their enthusiasm to all visitors exploring our spirited city.

Fast forward 10 years, and now Yo Mamma's is in the gracious hands of our new owner Beverly Mann, who for the last 8 years had been the general manager. Her attention to detail and keen eye kept Yo Mamma's solvent. Along with her creative flair and her warm smile, she is always a welcoming presence.

Lisa Agostini, is a creative force always looking for the edge. Our stationery and over all artistic manager she has been with us for 11 precious years.

Danielle Broadley & Maggie Goscinski, who came on board this past August & September 2016, each bring their own fresh, thoughtful, expressive and skilled vibe to Yo Mamma's.

What We Sell


Jewels for your home or office. We have wool, cotton, plastic, bamboo, indoor outdoor, tufted, hooked, flat weave, braids and natural jute, sisal, and sea grass. We offer samples to take home in order to test color compatibility. They say no one needs more than a strand of pearls and a perfect rug. Nothing warms a home and settles it better than a rich, vibrant, sumptuous rug.

Company C
Dash and Albert
Chandler 4 Corners
Trans-Ocean/Liora Manne
CLM and Fab Habitat


We have an eye for personal style and splendid detail, even for baby! We carry locally manufactured and organic baby and toddler clothes that make the cutest outfits ever! Here are our primary lines:

Baobab organics
Jelly Cat
Skip Hop
Pehr Designs


We all love bags ! A bag or a wallet is a practical, beautiful accessory. It can be a personal statement while meeting all your needs. The right bag will build confidence and express your own beauty. We encourage you to stuff all your belongings into our bags to make certain that the bag will satisfy your needs, and when requested, we offer honest opinions.

Hobo International
Blue Q
Mona B
Osgood Marley
Bungalow 360


Ahhhhh Jewelry. The most interesting way to be whomever you are. For thousands of years people have been adorning themselves with lovely, unique objects. We gaze at stones, wondering about the mystery of their smoldering, striking, powerful influence. Jewelry means something! Come drape yourself in desire.

Willy Reddick
Holly Yashi
Original Hardware
Sea Lily


We are famous for our clever and enlightening, artistic stationery lines. We worship wit and illustration. Our collection matures and varies continually. We love letter press, new art, engaging thought and funny, blasphemous, irreverent, naughty stuff. But carry all sorts of unusual cards, journals, calendars, magnets, stickers, erasers and planners.


Every home should be clean and fresh and healthy. Everyone who cleans should love the products they use, avoid harsh chemicals and know that cleanliness, balance and grace are the tenants of a peaceful setting. Welcome Home!!!

We Carry:
Mrs Meyers and Caldrea; Both lines are stand-alone distinctive and have the freshest and most intriguing fragrances.

Contact Us

96 Main Belfast, ME 04915
Phone: 207-338-4884
Facebook: yomammas
Instagram: yo_mammasmaine
email: yomammas.store@gmail.com


Open 7 days a week

9:30 AM - 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Sunday